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Book Test Your Business Idea. Find your first Customer.

This guidebook is for anyone looking to start a new business project. Regardless if you're a student who wants to build a new product, or an existing business owner who wants to innovate; you will learn the right mindset and tools to find new business success in a methodical, proven approach.

Find a problem worth solving

Find and approach your first customers

Build the solution your customers want

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Two critical points in almost every business

Before starting a successful new business venture, what you really need are a few customers who love your product and want to pay you for it. Test Your Business Idea Guidebook breaks this process down in a step by step simple format; starting small, spending no money and with a narrow focus. You will learn the mindset and tools for new business success with this proven method that really works.

Truly uncover a problem, unmet need, or want exists in your future customers’ world

Learn and develop a business that gives customers enough value that they would pay you for it

Why miss your next 10 years of annual vacations?
That’s how much time and money you can burn building the wrong product.

The biggest mistake a new business can make is building a product nobody wants. You don't want to create something and see it rotting on the shelf.

This guidebook will teach you how to find your first customers and avoid other common problems startups face - before spending time and money - written in a simple, easy to understand and apply format.

Test Your Business Idea Guidebook will help you to:

  1. Avoid the most common pitfalls while starting a business
  2. Learn the right mindset for new business success
  3. Determine the most important components of your business model
  4. Gain confidence and reduce the uncertainty of your business model
  5. Truly understand your customers and their needs
  6. Get to “problem-solution fit”; the first stage on the path to a viable business
  7. Understand the concepts required to test your business idea
  8. Learn surprise insights about your idea you would otherwise miss

Paul Foster is a business advisor and mentor for new business success. Let's get started.

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